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You can buy four vedas from us. Before buying the four vedas and knowing its cost and purchasing procedure, I answer following questions.

Why should you buy Four Vedas?

Ans. 4 Vedas are the great message of God. When the world was made by God, he gave his knowledge in these books. These books are in Sanskarit and this knowledge was given through great Rishis (spiritual teachers). So, you should buy it. Read it and promote others to buy and study it.

What is the Price of 4 Vedas in 9 Books ( 5 books of Rigved and 2 books of Atherveda and one book of yajurveda and one book of samveda)?

Ans. {Rs. 3300 + Rs. 125 (Packing Charges)}+ Rs. 400 Delivery Charges = Rs. 3825

Who are Translators of 4 Vedas?

Ans. Rigveda and Yajurveda was translated by Maharishi Dyanand Saraswati. Samveda was translated into hindi by Dr. Ramnath Vedalankar and Atherveda was translated by Pandit Shemkranadas Trivedi.

How to Buy?

There are three ways :

1. Place order on our mobile no. 09356234925

2. Place order of buying on our email : or

3. You can also place order by clicking following.



  1. Amar Tumma May 13, 2014 5:16 am  Reply

    Can i buy any one Veda ? or do i need to buy all the four Vedas together ?

  2. admin May 14, 2014 1:45 am  Reply

    Dear this is complete set and I suggest to you buy all and study for becoming the master of great knowledge of God.

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