Patriotic Poems

 Purchase the Cds of Hari Om Pawar’s patriotic poems in Hindi through following way and Distribute it to your friends and relative for promoting Bharat.

Total No. of Cds = 5

Total No. Of Patriotic Poems = 18

Name of Poems

1. Mera Ram 2. Viman Apharan 3. Kargil Udh 4. Azad 5. Kashmir
6. Ghati Main Sangrash 7. Permanu Visfot 8. Padam 9. Aatam Parichya
10. Shikhar Varta 11. Ghandhi Bapu 12. Sare Jaha Se Acha 13. Chandni
14. Main Bharat ka Svidan hun 15. Delhi Darbar 16. Bhukh 17. Enklab ke liya 18. Jarnal Vadki Ki Martu

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Note :

1. All above CDs are Copyrighted and We bought from Hari Om Pawar for Promoting Patriotic Mission Online. If you want to Sell it commercially, you can buy these CDs from us at Wholesale rate.

2. Dr. Hari Om Pawar Uses this fund Money from Selling of These Patriotic Poems for Free Education of 700 Orphan Children. So, Please Buy More and More CDs of Hari Om Pawar and Help Dr. Hari Om Pawar for his Patriotic Mission Which is growing under Pawar’s Vani Foundation.

3. We at Krantikari Organisation uses earning from these CDs for Our-Not-For Profit Mission. You can read our mission at here.